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Diamond City (Aeon Mall)

Large shopping mall with a food court and easy parking.

mapMarkerGrey 2 Chome-1-1 Osu, Fuchu, Aki ...

Hondori Hiroshima

The main shopping district/attraction area of Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒730-0035 広島県...

Amusement House K’s

A long-standing arcade in downtown Iwakuni.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0018 山口県...

Dagekioh Virtual Sports Center

Practice your batting with virtual professional pitchers and more!

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒733-0834 広島県...

Kirarahama Prefectural Nature Observatio

A beach in Yamaguchi Expo-Memorial Park

mapMarkerGrey 日本、〒754-1277 山口県...

Yanai Go-Kart

Enjoy a session on Go-Karts with friends and family.

mapMarkerGrey 〒742-0201 山口県柳井市...

Carp Yuu

The home and the practice facility for the Hiroshima Carp farm team.

Mikawa Mu Valley

Scavenger hunts, cave exploring and more!

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0505 山口県...

Yamaguchi Flea Market

Busy market featuring a wide variety of wares. Near an art Museum.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒753-0088 山口県...


Historic battlefield with a castle and hike.

Momijidani Park

Beautiful temple grounds in Maple Valley.

mapMarkerGrey 1 Chome-10-27 Yokoyama, Iwakun...

Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Professional soccer at the Edion stadium.

mapMarkerGrey 5 Chome-1-1 Ozukanishi, Asamin...

The Outlets Hiroshima

A premier outlet shopping experience offered in Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒731-5162 広島県...

Kameya Fishing Shop

A major fishing shop just southwest of Iwakuni.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0044 山口県...

Shogan-in Garden

Wonderful garden with a variety of styles.

mapMarkerGrey 5 Chome-24-6 Fujuumachi, Iwaku...

Fresta CAZL Mall

Large shopping center with groceries, clothing and restaurants.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, Yamaguchi, Iwakuni, Mur...

Akiyoshido Cave

Caves and adventure in Mine city

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒754-0511 山口県...

Yanai Historical Town

A traditional style town located just southwest of Iwakuni

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒742-0022 山口県...

LECT Hiroshima

A mall that was just recently built and opened in Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey Lect, 2丁目-1-45 扇 西...

Yuu Onsen

Soak in traditional Japanese hot springs!

mapMarkerGrey 〒740-1488 山口県岩国市...

Atago Sports Complex

An all-inclusive sports complex located in Atago.

mapMarkerGrey 2-Chome Atago-machi, Iwakuni ...

Ozu Golf Center

A convenient driving range located between Monzen and Atago Hills

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0032 山口県...

Off Base Fishing

License-free fishing is a popular activity off-base.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0002 山口県...

AlPark Mall

A large shopping complex located in Inokuchi, Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒733-0834 広島県...

Point Fishing Shop

Located just North of the base past the JR Iwakuni train station.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0002 山口県...

Round 1

All-in-one entertainment center in downtown Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey 3 Chome-11, Naka Ward, Hiroshi...

3 Peaks (Mikuradake)

A series of small mountains that are easily climbable through the availability of two climbing routes.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒739-0645 広島県...

Hachigamine Golf Club

An 18-hole golf course and golf center located about 20-25 minutes from the main base.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0062 山口県...


An island packed with temples, shrines, hikes, eats, and deer.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒739-0411 広島県...

Circle One

Discount shopping with something for everyone.

PB Climbing

A bouldering gym only a few minutes walk from Yokogawa station.

Wonder Rink (Outlets Hiroshima)

Ice skating and trampolines for all ages to enjoy.

Yasaka Dam

Fun outdoors up the Nishiki river.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒739-0627 広島県...

Asao Candy Shop

A traditional family-owned Japanese candy shop.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒741-0062 山口県...

Saiki International Archery Land

Learn the art of archery and practice your skills!

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒738-0222 広島県...

Hiroshima Carp

Professional baseball, the Hiroshima way.

mapMarkerGrey Mazda Stadium Zen Bus Stop, 1 ...

Mt. Misen Hike

A hike to the top of Miyajima

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒739-0541 広島県...

Iwakuni Kanko Hotel Onsen

Soak in the hot springs while overlooking the Kintai Bridge!

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒741-0062 山口県...