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LECT Hiroshima

A mall that was just recently built and opened in Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey Lect, 2丁目-1-45 扇 西...

Amusement House K’s

A long-standing arcade in downtown Iwakuni.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0018 山口県...


About an hour drive from Iwakuni, waterfall located in Nishikimachi and great for hiking.

mapMarkerGrey 〒740-0901 山口県岩国市...

Kameya Fishing Shop

A major fishing shop just southwest of Iwakuni.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0044 山口県...

Akiyoshido Cave

Caves and adventure in Mine city

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒754-0511 山口県...

Fresta CAZL Mall

Large shopping center with groceries, clothing and restaurants.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, Yamaguchi, Iwakuni, Mur...

Yasaka Dam

Fun outdoors up the Nishiki river.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒739-0627 広島県...

Hachigamine Golf Club

An 18-hole golf course and golf center located about 20-25 minutes from the main base.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0062 山口県...

Mikawa Mu Valley

Scavenger hunts, cave exploring and more!

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0505 山口県...

Diamond City (Aeon Mall)

Large shopping mall with a food court and easy parking.

mapMarkerGrey 2 Chome-1-1 Osu, Fuchu, Aki ...


Modern aquarium featuring many species of pufferfish, a dolphin show and a tunnel tank with penguins.

Kirarahama Prefectural Nature Observatio

A beach in Yamaguchi Expo-Memorial Park

mapMarkerGrey 日本、〒754-1277 山口県...

Point Fishing Shop

Located just North of the base past the JR Iwakuni train station.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0002 山口県...

Rakan Sky Park

Rakan Sky Park is an outdoor facility located in Hongomachi Hondani and is about an hour and 10 minute drive from MCAS Iwakuni.

mapMarkerGrey 〒740-0903 山口県岩国市...

Wonder Rink (Outlets Hiroshima)

Ice skating and trampolines for all ages to enjoy.

Dagekioh Virtual Sports Center

Practice your batting with virtual professional pitchers and more!

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒733-0834 広島県...

Karato Market

Shimonoseki's symbolistic market for over 100 years.

mapMarkerGrey 5-50 Karatocho, Shimonoseki, Y...

Circle One

Discount shopping with something for everyone.

Asao Candy Shop

A traditional family-owned Japanese candy shop.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒741-0062 山口県...

Ozu Golf Center

A convenient driving range located between Monzen and Atago Hills

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0032 山口県...

Off Base Fishing

License-free fishing is a popular activity off-base.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒740-0002 山口県...

Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Professional soccer at the Edion stadium.

mapMarkerGrey 5 Chome-1-1 Ozukanishi, Asamin...

Atago Sports Complex

An all-inclusive sports complex located in Atago.

mapMarkerGrey 2-Chome Atago-machi, Iwakuni ...

Kasado Island Hiking Course

About a 20-minute drive from Tokuyama Higashi IC, Kasado Island Hiking Course offers a variety of sight seeing and recreation.

mapMarkerGrey 〒744-0001 山口県下松市...

Yamaguchi Flea Market

Busy market featuring a wide variety of wares. Near an art Museum.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒753-0088 山口県...

Yanai Historical Town

A traditional style town located just southwest of Iwakuni

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒742-0022 山口県...

Hondori Hiroshima

The main shopping district/attraction area of Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒730-0035 広島県...


An island packed with temples, shrines, hikes, eats, and deer.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒739-0411 広島県...

PB Climbing

A bouldering gym only a few minutes walk from Yokogawa station.

Carp Yuu

The home and the practice facility for the Hiroshima Carp farm team.

Hiroshima Carp

Professional baseball, the Hiroshima way.

mapMarkerGrey Mazda Stadium Zen Bus Stop, 1 ...

Round 1

All-in-one entertainment center in downtown Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey 3 Chome-11, Naka Ward, Hiroshi...


Historic battlefield with a castle and hike.

Yuu Onsen

Soak in traditional Japanese hot springs!

mapMarkerGrey 〒740-1488 山口県岩国市...

Mt. Misen Hike

A hike to the top of Miyajima

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒739-0541 広島県...

Yanai Go-Kart

Enjoy a session on Go-Karts with friends and family.

mapMarkerGrey 〒742-0201 山口県柳井市...

Kamon Wharf

Seaside shopping center with seafood restaruants, sushi vendors, local specialities & souvenir shops.

mapMarkerGrey 6-1 Karatocho, Shimonoseki, Ya...

3 Peaks (Mikuradake)

A series of small mountains that are easily climbable through the availability of two climbing routes.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒739-0645 広島県...

Momijidani Park

Beautiful temple grounds in Maple Valley.

mapMarkerGrey 1 Chome-10-27 Yokoyama, Iwakun...

Koshoji-Mountain Green Park

Conservation forest located at Rokuyoshi, Iwakuni about a 45 minute drive from MCAS Iwakuni.

mapMarkerGrey 〒741-0074 山口県岩国市...

Shogan-in Garden

Wonderful garden with a variety of styles.

mapMarkerGrey 5 Chome-24-6 Fujuumachi, Iwaku...

The Outlets Hiroshima

A premier outlet shopping experience offered in Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒731-5162 広島県...

AlPark Mall

A large shopping complex located in Inokuchi, Hiroshima.

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒733-0834 広島県...

Saiki International Archery Land

Learn the art of archery and practice your skills!

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒738-0222 広島県...

Iwakuni Kanko Hotel Onsen

Soak in the hot springs while overlooking the Kintai Bridge!

mapMarkerGrey Japan, 〒741-0062 山口県...