Akiyoshido Cave

Caves and adventure in Mine city

Located in Mine City about an hour and a half drive from Iwakuni is the Akiyoshidai Plateau, the plateau with the nation’s highest concentration of karst formations, and Akiyoshido, the largest and longest limestone cave system in Japan. Karst topography include a variety of formations including caves, rough terrain and underground channels that occur when limestone interacts with underground water. These interactions over time formed the Akiyoshido caves, an incredible natural formation spanning nine kilometers, one kilometer of which is open to the general public for viewing.

The caves were said to have been coral reefs at one point over 300 million years ago.There are three entrances; the Akiyoshido Entrance, the Kurotani Entrance or via an elevator. The closest entrance to the main parking lots and the bus terminal is the Akiyoshido Entrance while tour groups typically employ the Kurotani Entrance. You can exit and re-enter the cave through any of the exits using the same ticket. You can avoid walking the length of the cave back and forth entering one entrance and exiting another and using the bus systems that run on the outside of the caves during weekends and holidays. They are infrequent on weekdays and do not run on winter weekdays.