Asao Candy Shop

A traditional family-owned Japanese candy shop.

This little family-owned candy shop was opened by the grandfather of the current owner who was a candy craftsman in 1905 (or Meiji 38 in Japanese Years). It is now one of the oldest shops in the Nana-machi area. Since it’s located close to Iwakuni Elementary School, they always have kids stopping by to buy their favorite candies. They also sell traditional Japanese candies for tea parties, and rice crackers sold by weight (selling countable things by weight is not common in Japan anymore, it’s very rare). Stop by when you go to the Kintai area, and see what a traditional candy shop looks like. There is no parking for this shop however, street parking on daimyokoji (the street that leads straight to Kintai) is allowed.


HOURS:Open 09:00-17:00 except for major holidays.
LOCATION:〒741-0062 山口県岩国市岩国2丁目16−13