Atago Sports Complex

An all-inclusive sports complex located in Atago.

A sports complex located close to the Atago Hills housing complex

Located just across from the Atago Hills Housing Complex is the Atago Sports Complex – a multi-sport complex and stadium location that is jointly-owned by the United States and Japanese governments. The main attractions of the Atago Sports Complex are the large baseball and soccer stadiums. The baseball stadium houses a few thousand spectators and the soccer stadium comes equipped with covered stands and a full-sized track that spans around the stadium. There are also small softball pitches as well as a walking course that surrounds the entire complex. Additionally there are outdoor basketball courts, an indoor Japanese-style gym, outdoor terraces that include grills, and a large Cultural center that has rooms available for rent for classes and various activities.

Each of the various stadiums and pitches are available for rent – free of charge for all SOFA status personnel. You can call the offices and rent out any of the facilities depending on availability. There are over 600 parking spaces that allow for parking free of charge. There are various events ranging from professional sporting matches to concerts that are intermittently held at the complex, so check the site to keep up to date on what is going on at the grounds.


HOURS:Varies, Most Facilities: 09:00~21:00
PRICE:Free for SOFA, varies for local nationals
LOCATION:2 Chome Atagomachi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi 740-0037
INQUIRIES: Phone: (0827)35-5089