Atomic Bomb Dome

World renown historic site in the heart of Hiroshima.

The horror that transpired on August 6th 1945 are famous the world over. The bombing of Hiroshima serves as an example of humanity’s lows. The pure destruction, devastation and pain caused by the bomb and WWII shows just how inhumane and savage humans can be. In spite of this, Japan has rebounded. The nation is one of the most advanced in the world. Serving as testament to this is the A-bomb dome in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Right beneath the epicenter of the explosion, the A-bomb dome surprisingly survived.

Designated a UNESCO heritage site in 1996, this historic site serves as a reminder of the bombing of Hiroshima and Japan’s struggle for peace. Well worth the visit, it leaves a lasting feeling that you carry with you. There is something so powerful about standing where a historic event actually occurred. This could not be more true with this monument. Truly a once in a lifetime experience, make sure to visit the Atomic Bomb Dome