Big Bear Ramen

Cash only ramen spot with top notch dishes.

Cash only ramen spot with top notch dishes.

Known as one of the “OG”s in the Iwakuni ramen scene, Big Bear Ramen is a staple among locals. Known for their Sapporo/Hokkaido style ramen, their most popular ramen variations are either Miso, or Butter/Salt ramen. When people talk about Big Bear one phrase that repeatedly comes up is “comfort food”.

Served in large portions and at one of the cheapest price ranges across town, you can truly get an old-school vibe at this ramen shop. The menu ranges in variety of ramen flavors and sizes. Also available are servings of gyoza and fried rice as sides. The shopkeepers have been in charge for years and are extremely warm and inviting. An English menu is available.

Spacing at Big Bear is often limited and waiting periods can range from 10-25 minutes for peak periods. Seating is available in both booth style as well as a few two seater tables, but the shop is relatively smaller than most other ramen shops. Located right across from YouMe Town and KFC, the shop offers plentiful parking options.


HOURS:Weekdays 11:00 ~ 15:00, Saturday/Sunday: 11:00 ~ 16:00
LOCATION: 〒740-0034 山口県岩国市南岩国町1丁目21−33