Chicago Pizza

A delivery and pick-up Pizza joint near downtown Iwakuni

A delivery and pick-up Pizza joint near downtown Iwakuni

The direct competitor to the Domino’s franchise in Iwakuni, Chicago Pizza has been around for quite some time. Offering delivery as well as pick-up services for its vast pizza and side selection menu, the Chicago Pizza franchise prides itself on its topping amounts – offering a ‘strong’ series which has double the amount of toppings compared to the typical pizzas found in the surrounding areas. You can order from a variety of toppings including the basics such as Pepperoni and Cheese to the more interesting flavors such as Seafood Hurricane and Bacon German Potato toppings. You can even order a bottle of Habanero Hot Sauce to go with your order for those that love an extra kick of spice. In terms of extra menus, Chicago offers a salad, drink, liquor, and dessert menu on top of the typical sides of fries and fried chicken you can choose from. Chicago does not accept credit cards and only accepts cash.

There are a couple parking spots for short-term pick up customers available in front of the store. You can order online or call the store to order delivery services to the gate or anywhere in the nearby Iwakuni area. Often there are special deals on their website that sometimes allow for half-off on specific deals, so make sure to keep an eye out on their homepage.


HOURS:Everyday; 11:00~21:30
LOCATION:〒740-0017 山口県岩国市今津町5丁目13−1