Chikara Sushi

Traditional Japanese Sushi diner in Yuu

A fantastic sushi restaurant located in the town of Yuu

Located just south of the town of Yuu is Chikara Sushi, a traditional style sushi diner. Chikara Sushi translates to “Power Sushi” and the menu items give off a sense of power. The portion sizes are large and the options vary from a tempura set, sashimi set, kaisendon set (sashimi over rice), and unagi set. They are famous for their “Jumbo Sushi” set which is essentially super-sized pieces of sushi along with miso, rice, and pickled vegetables. What surprised us was for the price, the portions were very large and you truly get a bang for your buck at this restaurant. The flavor and freshness is much better than your typical 100 yen sushi go-round!

There is plenty of free parking available around the restaurant. The water/tea and face towels are self-serve and there are traditional floor style tables where you sit on cushions available as well as counter seats. The restaurant is usually packed especially on weekends. The restaurant is located on the right-hand side of Route 188 about a five-minute drive past Yuu Beach.


HOURS:11:00~20:00; Closed Mondays
LOCATION:〒740-1432 山口県岩国市由宇町神東2089