Eight Men

A ramen shop with a surprising signature ramen - Pacific Saury Ramen.

They specialize in Tonkotsu-Gyokai Ramen, but their ramen is not just a normal Tonkotsu-Gyokai Ramen you could find anywhere on the street. Their surprising signature ramen is Pacific Saury Ramen. Pacific Saury is eaten in almost every household in Japan during fall, they’re one of the tastiest fish when it’s grilled. Though Pacific Sauries are oily fish, and they have a strong fishy smell, the ramen soup at Eight Men does not smell fishy at all. In fact once you sip their soup, you can taste the umami of Pacific Saury and the mouth-watering tonkotsu soup. Definitely, a place to try if you are a ramen connoisseur.


HOURS:Lunch: 11:30~15:30; Dinner: 18:00 ~ 23:00
LOCATION: 1-5-22 Kamiyacho, Naka ward,Hiroshima city, Hiroshima Prefecture (MK building 1F)