Hot plates and side dishes such as ramen, udon, or even fried chicken.

Located about an eight to ten-minute drive from the base, Hamazushi is a recently opened sushi chain location in Iwakuni. Known for their fresh quality and wide sushi selection, there are roughly a hundred different Hamazushi locations scattered across Japan. The main attraction point of Hamazushi however are their overall low price points, with most dishes costing ¥100. You can also order various hot plates and side dishes such as ramen, udon, or even fried chicken (karaage) or french fries. There are also seasonal specials available hosted throughout the year on various fish, such as winter shrimp and tempura scallops.

With plenty of free parking, Hamazushi is an easy and efficient location to take friends and family out for a quick and delicious dinner. When first entering the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a robot waiter that will ask how many are in your party and then will provide you with an estimated wait time. Once your number is called, you can head to your table where the touchscreen menu will allow you to order any available menu items on demand. The menu is offered in English as well so it is an easy and efficient system. When you finish your meal, all you have to do is press the ‘finish order’ button and you can then head to the cash counter with your receipt to pay for your meal.