Hiroshima Peace Park

Beautiful grounds featuring a major historical site from the second world war.


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On August 6th, 1945, the United States dropped the most destructive bomb ever deployed: the atomic bomb. In an instant, the lives of thousands of innocent people were taken. But this is even larger than a tragedy in a war. After the end of the war, on April 1st 1951, the Hiroshima Peace Park was created. This symbolic park serves as not only a memorial for the victims of the bombing but also as a symbol for peace and an end of war. How valient that even in the face of such a devastating tragedy, the Japanese still manages to see the bigger picture. Truly, this park represents the sentiments of a heartbroken country.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is expansive and does an excellent job depicting the emotions and occurrences before, during, and after the bombing. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is one of the most power examples of this. With concise explanations of what happened, personal stories from survivors and photographs of the destruction, it is one of the most important powerful things to see before you leave Iwakuni. The park also offers other ways to reflect on what happened such as the A-bomb dome.

While often exploring Japan is fun and uplifting, it is pertinent to remember and pay homage to this terrible tragedy. During both of my years in Japan, if I had to visit only one place, I know where I would go. I strongly recommend visiting the park.