Hofu Tenmangu

A Shinto Shrine built on top of a hill in Hofu city.


Q Hours

Grounds are open 24/7,
Museum: (09:00~16:30),
Teahouse: (09:00~16:00)

Located in Hofu, Yamaguchi about an hour and fifteen minute drive from Iwakuni is the Hofu Tenmangu, a Shinto Shrine built on top of a hill in Hofu city. It is one of the three oldest large Tenjin shrines in all of Japan. The Tenjin shrines are shrines dedicated to the deified form of Sugawara no Michizane, a scholar, poet and politician of the Heian Period of Japan. He is revered for his skill in Kanshin Poetry and is known as the God of Learning. The Hofu Tenmangu is a popular destination for students and individuals currently studying for tests or big subject exams as it is said it will bring them good luck to visit the shrine and pray before big examination/test dates. You will see large brass cows or cattle within the temple grounds – they stand for learning/enlightenment in Shinto and many other religions.

The steps up the shrine are a steep climb but worth it as the shrine overlooks the the town of Hofu from the grounds. The entrance is free and there are parking spots available for free near the shrine grounds. The Hofu Tenmangu complex also hosts both a Plum Festival in early March, a Happiness Festival in early May, and the Star Festival which is held from May 1st ~ 7th every year. Additionally there is a Shrine Museum that holds over 600 artifacts that is open from 09:00~16:30 and is ¥500 admission.