Huuka offers a variety of western plates as well as a Japanese twist on a number of steak and chicken dishes.

Located at the end of Nakadoori street or “Yellow-Brick-Road”, is a small restaurant/cafe known as Huuka. The restaurant is nestled in the corner of the building closest to the four corner intersection between Yellow-Brick and the bar district. Prices are very cheap during lunch hours and you can get a full sized meal equipped with sides for under ¥1000. Pasta dishes as well as steak dishes are very popular choices. Once evening hits the restaurant opens the bar section and you can order a variety of cocktails and drinks for reasonable prices. They have special events on certain days of the week usually at night.

There is no specific parking for Huuka, but you can park at any of the numerous coin parking locations around the area. The restaurant seats roughly 16-20 people and is a smaller sized location – perfect for small groups. The restaurant only accepts cash.