A cozy shrine set in a beautiful outdoor location.

Located in Miwa-machi, the Ikimihachimangu is a Shinto shrine located about a 40 minute drive northwest from Iwakuni. The shrine grounds itself are rather small but the peak attraction for this shrine is its giant wooden torii gate that stands at the end of a long pathway leading to the shrine grounds. The huge wooden torii stands more than 8/9 meters tall and is truly a spectacle in and of itself. It reminds us of a land version of the famous floating torii gate of Miyajima – however the Ikimihachimangu one is weathered, does not have the bright orange paint, and is not floating in water but rather rooted in the ground floating amongst vast sprawling rice fields. It is truly an interesting and unique site.

There is free parking spaces around the shrine and the shrine is relatively easy to navigate to. There is an annual festival each year at the end of the rice harvest in October where locals dress up and celebrate the harvest at the shrine. Additionally there are hundreds of visitors from around the areas for New Year’s and the bell ringing as the new year begins.