Iwakuni Castle

Beautiful castle with a view of the Kintai Bridge

The original castle was built in 1608 by Hiroie, Kikkawa after 8 years of construction. The castle on the mountain was called “Yokoyama Jyo (castle)”  and the term “Iwakuni Jyo” was used for the whole area known today as Kikko park including Yokoyama Jyo. The main part (Kikko park) was used during the normal days and Yokoyama Jyo was built just in case of war. Since Hiroie was assigned to Iwakuni right after The Battle Of Sekigahara and it was one of the most fragile times in the history of Japan.

Sadly, only 7 years after it was built, Yokoyama Jyo was abandoned due to One Country, One Castle Law (Ikkoku Ichijyo) that the Tokugawa Shogunate created. The current castle was rebuilt in 1962, using a drawing of the castle that was found on the southern part of the original castle as a model. The original castle wasn’t exactly where the current one is right now, they intentionally rebuilt it 30 meters south, doing so, it created a better view from from the bottom of the mountain. Iwakuni Jyo was also nominated as one of the top 100 castles in Japan by the Japan Castle Foundation.