A coffee shop directly connected to the Iwakuni JR Train Station, Iwakuni Coffee is one of Iwakuni’s newest establishments. Built during the renewal of the local train station, the coffee shop is conveniently located directly next to the ticket machines and gates that leads to the train entrance. The menu consists of all the traditional coffee choices in both hot and cold options as well as a medium sized menu that offers food options including sandwiches and hot meals, as well as sweets that range from cake choices to affogato. You can also order from the small juice menu and even a small beer during your wait at the train station. The shop staff are courteous and the shop accepts both cash and card as well as ICOCA.

The layout of the shop is spacious and well lit due to the large windows that overlook the center of Iwakuni. The shop is located on the second floor of the station, but there are elevators as well as escalators and steps that allow for quick easy access. The inside of the shop consists of booths and tables, and there is even a convenient smoking room fixed into the side of the shop. There is a main parking lot available just next to the train station as well as multiple other small coin parking locations scattered near the station.