Iwakuni Kanko Hotel Onsen

Soak in the hot springs while overlooking the Kintai Bridge!

An onsen located just across from the Kintai Bridge

Located on the top floor of the Iwakuni Kanko Hotel is a beautiful sprawling onsen that overlooks the Kintai Bridge and surrounding areas. The onsen consists of two main areas, an indoor pool and an outdoor rock pool area that offers a fantastic view of the Kintai at night. Next to the indoor pools are numerous bathing stations equipped with soap, shampoo, and small wash buckets. Additionally there is a sauna/steam room inside as well as a small cold water pool for contrasting baths. The change room offers shaving equipment and face wash next to the large mirrors.

Access to this onsen is simple but not directly listed in English on signs. You can park either at the hotel parking ground itself or at the Kintai and walk the short distance to the hotel. Once you enter the lobby, you walk straight through to the back left-hand corner where there are elevators to the upper floors. The onsen/pool area is listed on one of the upper levels. Once you disembark the elevator, follow the arrows on the signs to the onsen lobby where you can purchase tickets and receive towels for your short stay.