Iwakuni Shokudou

Home cooked Japanese food near train station.

Iwakuni Shokudou is the place to go when you’re craving a quick home-cooked Japanese meal. With a ridiculous number of different dishes served fresh and laid out in a conveyer style manner, Iwakuni Shokudou is both delicious and quick. Located just before the train tracks when heading to Iwakuni JR Station, the shop offers plenty of parking and is open early in the morning until late at night.

When you first enter you’ll notice a tray pickup area where you can pick up a tray and then begin choosing what dishes you want to consume. There are a ton of small dishes that have the prices listed beneath them. You grab whatever you’d like and walk along the food table until you reach the cash register where you can additionally order either rice, miso soup, or tonjiru (miso soup with pork), all in either small(sho), medium(chu), or large(dai) sizes. You finally pay for the dishes you’ve selected and can sit down with your meal. Make sure to return your trays after consumption at the tray return table in the corner of the store.