About an hour drive from Iwakuni, waterfall located in Nishikimachi and great for hiking.

Located in Nishikimachiusa, about an hour drive from Iwakuni. Jyakuchikyo is a Canyon that is located between the rivers in Nishikimachiusa. It is known for the 5 falls called the Jakuchikyogoryuno Falls and was named in the top 100 falls in Japan. At Jyakuchikyo, there are 4 hiking courses and on the hike you can view the different types of waterfalls there. The A course is 730m long and is about a 40 minute hike. On this hike you can view Japanese cedars that are 1000 years old. These cedars are one of the prefectures natural monument. Couse B is 330m, 50 minute hike. Course C is currenly closed, and course D is 400m hike and about 10 minutes. There is plenty of hiking and getting exercise while enjoying nature at Jyakuchikyo.