Jyokamachi / Nishi-Iwakuni

Old downtown Iwakuni with traditional Japanese architecture


Q When is the best time to walk around?

It is most pleasant in the late afternoon just after 16:30 to view the shops and feel the tranquility of the area. If you would like to visit shops and restaurants, we recommend just prior to noon.

Jyokamachi means town under the castle. This form of town developed near the castle. In Iwakuni people from different occupations lived in specific block/streets. The street name is dedicated to their profession (for example, lumber street, blacksmith street). Daimyokoji is the main street but it doesn’t have many historical buildings and houses than the other back streets. Unlike in Kanazawa or Hagi that is a large scale community, in Jyokamachi almost all houses are still residential areas and are not open to the public.

Just walking the street and seeing these old buildings will make you feel like you were sent back to the Edo period. When you walk down Daimyokoji to Iwakuni Elementary School, there is an old building that used to be Iwakuni School (built in 1871 and used during Meiji Period as a Middle/Highschool). There are many famous alumni including Chiyo Uno (Fashion Designer and Author) and Ichisuke Fujioka (first founder of Toshiba). The building is now an education museum and has many historical records and Ichisuke Fujioka’s research materials on display.