A Chinese/Japanese fusion restaurant in downtown Iwakuni

A Chinese/Japanese fusion restaurant in downtown Iwakuni

Located close to the downtown JR Iwakuni train station is Kachoufuugetsu, a Chinese cuisine restaurant. They serve various traditional Chinese dishes such as Stir-fry, Mabou-tofu (spicy tofu), fried rice, egg-rolls, various fried vegetable dishes, shrimp dishes, beef dishes and even Chinese/Japanese fusion dishes such as various beef bowl style plates and sashimi plates. The overall atmosphere presents a clean aura and the restaurant is kept extremely tidy. You are required to take off your shoes for the shop and there are various small chairs that you may sit at – either at tables or counter seats. The shop also offers a wide selection of beer, sake and spirits. The restaurant is prime for couples or small families. The lunch menu is a bit cheaper than the dinner specials which can range up to 3000~4000 yen. Lunch meals can be enjoyed for around 1000~2000yen.

There are paid parking spots nearby which you can receive a ticket from the restaurant that typically covers up to one hour of free parking. You can use cash as well as card at Kachoufuugetsu. The restaurant is only a 5 minute walk from the JR Iwakuni Station and is very easy to access.


HOURS:Everyday (Closed Mondays): (11:00~14:00; 17:00~22:30)
LOCATION:〒740-0018 山口県岩国市麻里布町5丁目1−11
INQUIRIES: 0827-23-6000