Kaen is a Chinese restaurant that serves heaping portions of delicious food at affordable prices.


Q Hours

HOURS: 11:00~14:00;
17:00~20:30; Closed Tuesdays

Located a short walk behind the Iwakuni JR Train station,  the shop is quite spacious and there are a number of regular styled tables as well as a couple of tables seated in futon rooms where you can sit with your shoes off traditional style. The menu offers a wide range of foods ranging from various ramen flavors, to small appetizers such as chicken wings and stir frys, as well as best sellers such as fried rice or maboutofu. You can also order large set items for under ¥1000 that include a number of foods at smaller portions together on a tray. They are incredibly well portioned and you shouldn’t leave the restaurant hungry.

Unmistakable with its brightly colored yellow walls, Kaen is difficult to miss as you drive by. If you take a right as you exit the West Gate, you can just stay on that road all the way until just past the train station where the restaurant will be located on your left-hand side. Parking is available just outside the shop. A full English menu is available as well!