Kaito Sushi

Located just outside the Monzen Gate, Kaito Minami is known for it’s conveyor belt style sushi assortment.

Often referred to as “105” for its traditionally chea base price points, the sushi offered ranges from simple hundred yen plates to more costly choices. Plates are priced based on their color markings. Cheaper plates have a corresponding red color and more costly plates differ in color. There are multiple charts on the walls and on the touchscreen menu that will remind you of each plates price point.

Kaito offers a wide range of both sushi and other Japanese style dishes. You can order everything in English by switching the digital menu on the touchpads with a switch of the button. Kaito offers two methods of ordering – you can either grab plates off of a conveyor belt that is constantly restocked with fresh dishes by the sushi chefs on duty, or you can order anything available on the menu through the digital touchscreen menu at each seat. These dishes tend to be fresher as they are made on demand, however can take a couple minutes to produce. You can enjoy watching the chefs conjure up the delicious bites on the go as the kitchen is the center of the shop, open so everything can be observed. When you finish your meal, all you need to do is press the “Finished” button on the menu and a server will visit your table and count the number of plates you’ve ordered. They’ll hand you a slip which you can take to the register to pay for your meal.

Parking is available in a lot jointly shared outside Kaito with the neighboring amusement store. On weeknights and weekends, the store is often packed but waits are not typically long. The shop is easily accessible by car and is about a 10-15 minute walk from Monzen Gate.