Karato Market

Shimonoseki's symbolistic market for over 100 years.

Shimonoseki City is a place where it is not so far from MCAS Iwakuni. Only less than 2hour drive on the highway from Iwakuni. Exit Shimonoseki IC, follow the big road to the harbor, and you can access the Karato Market. This fish market has adopted a unique sales system for a local wholesale market. Local fishermen directly sells the fish they have caught instead of going through vendors. During the weekend, there is an event called Iki Iki Bakangai which allows visitors to enjoy fresh seafood for a discount price.
Even though there are many restaurants here, this is a market so it is better to arrive here by lunch time to have a full experience. Usually vendors will close once they ran out of items (around lunch time). Shimonoseki is the most famous place for puffer fish, we recommend you to have a bite while you are here!!