Kikko Park

Intriguing park with rich history and fun shops.

Located a few steps from the Kintai Bridge, Kikko Park extends through the Yokoyama area and is housed with many shrines and famous residences from ancient Iwakuni times. The statue of Kikkawa Hiroyoshi, the third lord of Iwakuni, greets you at the beginning of the park. He is recognized as the man who initiated the construction of the famous Kintai Bridge. The residences were home to famous Samurai who garnered respect and notoriety within Western Japan.

The park itself is home to a variety of shops and pleasant attractions. There are various water fountains scattered between the museums. The park has spacious grass areas that are perfect for family play and picnicking. Open fires are not prohibited, but do not let that deter you from a fantastic picnic experience. Additionally, there are a number of famous ice cream shops that are home to hundreds of wild and exciting flavors.