Koriku Ramen

A ramen shop famous for its seafood-based broths

One of the best ramen shops in Hiroshima

Located a short walk from the Nishi-Hiroshima train station is the ramen shop commonly known as Koriku. First opened in February of 2009 the noodle shop has gained notoriety for their various ramen broths, the most famous of which is their seafood-pork bone broth (Sakana Tonkotsu) which was developed by mixing fish and pork based broths together. The resulting mix is a fantastic and unique blend of flavors which is complemented with fresh house-made noodles, chashu, and egg. Another recent addition which has attracted many customers is it’s Shrimp-Salt ramen (Ebi-Shio) which is a light seafood based broth that is not overly heavy or thick but still provides a strong richness that is delightfully satisfying. The gyoza and fried rice are also delicious side dishes as well.

The shop itself can seat over 20 individuals and there is a combination of table and counter seating. There are a few free parking spots directly in front of the shop and plenty of coin parking options in the surrounding areas. Ramen prices range from ¥680 to ¥950 and there are various flavors available for both ramen and tsukemen (dipping noodles). The shop can get crowded on weekends but is generally easy to get seating during weekdays. 


HOURS:Monday~Saturday: 11:00~15:00; 17:30~22:30
Sundays: 11:00~15:00
LOCATION:広島県広島市西区福島町1-26-4 MK河井ビル2 1F