A great bang-for-your-buck Chinese restaurant

A great bang-for-your-buck Chinese restaurant

Located just behind the JR Iwakuni Train Station is Kourin, a small Chinese restaurant that might be overlooked if you don’t know what to look for. With a bright yellow exterior sign, the shop is easy to spot from the backside of the train station. The shop itself seats about 10 people on the countertops inside the shop. Although the shop offers a wide variety of chinese dishes ranging from ‘maboudoufu’ (spicy tofu), to spicy noodles, tantanmen, gyoza, fried rice, and ramen, the main attraction of the shop is the ¥800 Chili Katsu Don (Chili Katsu Rice Bowl). The rice bowl has shredded cabbage, fried katsu cutlet, and a special chili sauce over the entire bowl. It is not extremely spicy – bearable and digestible by amateur spice eaters, and is very good especially for the price.

You can get a very filling meal for cheap here at this small restaurant. Kourin does not accept card and is cash only. You can reach it via a short 3-4 minute walk from the backside of the JR Iwakuni train station. There are a few parking spots available across the street from the restaurant. You can alternatively also park at any of the local coin parking lots if these are full.


HOURS:Everyday (Closed Mondays): (11:00~14:00; 17:00~21:00)
LOCATION:〒740-0004 山口県岩国市昭和町2丁目3−1
INQUIRIES: 0827-23-3828