A throwback to a more traditional Japanese soba restaurant.

A soba-proud restaurant – consistency and quality!

A throwback to a more traditional style Japanese restaurant, Kouru is a Soba restaurant that focuses on one dish and strives to do that one style of dish very well. With a few variations of soba noodles (traditional Japanese buckwheat noodles), there are two styles you can choose: hot or cold noodles with a few different topping choices. You can order noodles with beef, grated yams, tempura, or just simple plain style. The price range is very affordable and you can increase the amount of noodles in your dish from regular to “oomori” (extra noodles) for ¥300.

Seating is limited as there are only 20 seats in the restaurant but the restaurant is rarely overly crowded and you should not expect long wait times as it is a secluded and little known restaurant. It is only open for lunch hours and open on Sundays as well. There is a small parking lot a short walk away that allows for four cars to park for free. You can reach the restaurant via a short walk from JR Fuju Station.


HOURS:11:30~14:00 (Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays)
LOCATION:1-chōme-20-2 Fujuumachi
Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi-ken 740-0036
INQUIRIES: 0827-32-0133