High-tech sushi chain located across Japan.

A super high-tech sushi chain located across Japan, Kurazushi is known for it’s automated wait system, efficient touchscreen sushi ordering system and its sushi conveyor belt. Located inside Fresta Mall, the sushi restaurant offers hundreds of different sushi options and side dishes. Not only can you get a great variety of sushi, but there are also a number of other Japanese and Western-styled side dishes ranging from Udon and Ramen to french fries and fried chicken options. Additionally there are a wide range of dessert options available as well. The ordering system is fully automated and the water and tea options are self-serve, virtually making a server unnecessary in this setting.

Kurazushi is often packed on week-day nights and weekends so expect a 15-30 minute wait during peak hours. You can sign in to the waitlist at the door and there is a screen on the outside of the building that announces the next number that is ready to be seated. Booths house up to six individuals per booth, but the premises itself is large and there are plenty of booths. The average price of a small plate ranges from the basic sushi choices at roughly ¥100 to more extravant options spiking up to ¥400/500 yen a plate. Parking is both plentiful and free at Fresta Mall.

Kaisugi’s location is extremely convenient as it is placed right smack downtown in the middle of Iwakuni’s nightlife. Parking is available via coin parking all throughout the downtown area. The shop boasts both booth seating as well as a number of tables, however the shop isn’t overly spacious. Expect about a 5-15 minute wait during peak hours which on the weekends are between 24:00 ~ 02:00.