Maboroshi Ramen

A specialty ramen shop in Hatsukaichi

A little-known ramen shop located in Hatsukaichi

Located close to the entrance of the Sanyo Hatsukaichi IC Junction is the small ramen shop Maboroshi. Known mainly only amongst locals, this small unassuming shop packs a punch in its flavorful ramen bowls. The shop specializes in two types of ramen one pork-based and one seafood-based. The “Assari” ramen is a lighter thinner broth that is made from a fish-based stock and is not as heavy as the other ramen dishes. The “Kotteri” ramen is the heavier thicker alternative, a pork-based broth that is emulsified in flavor. Both ramen types come with thick chunks of chashu (slices of braised pork) that are very tasteful. The gyoza is the unassuming hero in this shop surprisingly. The gyoza we ordered was incredibly tasteful and you can order it to be either vegetable-based or meat-based depending on your preference.

There is plenty of parking available outside the restaurant that is free of charge. The shop itself is a favorite among commuters to and from Hiroshima for work and is most packed just after rush hour times. The store only accepts cash.


HOURS:Monday, Wednesday, Friday~Sunday: 11:00~23:00
Tuesday, Thursday: 11:00~15:00
LOCATION:〒738-0043 広島県廿日市市地御前北3丁目26−480-3