Ozu Golf Center

A convenient driving range located between Monzen and Atago Hills

A golf driving range located in Iwakuni near Yellow Hat

A medium sized driving range located a short drive from Monzen Gate, Ozu Golf Center is a great place to work on your long distance drive for a reasonable price. The distance of the driving course is 250 yards and it’s riddled with yard markers every 30-50 yards or so to keep track of your distance. There are 34 driving stations that you can hit from built into the center. You can rent golf clubs at the center for ¥200 and you get unlimited golf balls for ¥1100 until 17:00 and between 17:00 and 22:00 the price rises slightly to ¥1200. Access to the golf center is simple and it is a short drive from Monzen Gate. There is plenty of free parking surrounding the golf center. The driving range is a fantastic place to work on your golf skills as it also comes with a small putting area where you can work on your short distance shots as well.


HOURS:Sunday~Saturday; 08:30~22:00
LOCATION:〒740-0032 山口県岩国市尾津町2丁目8−25