Ramen Boo

A ramen shop located near Shin-Hakushima Station

A ramen shop specializing in hybrid-tonkotsu ramen.

Located just outside the Shin-Hakushima JR train station is Ramen Boo. The shop is known for its tonkotsu (pork-based) ramen which is made slightly different than other traditional pork-based broths. The Ramen Boo shop incorporates a variety of vegetables and seafood stocks into their broth to create a sort of hybrid tonkotsu broth which is both rich and hearty. The average price of the ramen bowls range from ¥650 to ¥1000 and you can also order a variety of set menu items such as the tradional gyoza, cha-han (fried rice), and chashu-don (braised pork over rice). All of these were delicious and go well with the ramen. We ordered the tonkotsu ramen and the “Boo” ramen which is a slightly richer and heartier tonkotsu style ramen that just the plain tonkotsu ramen. Both were delicious and filling.

The shop is located just outside the Shin-Hakushima North exit. There are both counter seats and one table in the back of the shop. To order your items you need to purchase tickets through a machine to your right just as you enter into the shop. The machine only accepts cash so be wary. For a quick and unusually delicious bowl of ramen, head over to Boo next time you’re in the Hiroshima area.


HOURS:Tuesday~Sunday 11:00~23:00 Closed Mondays
LOCATION: 12-1 Hakushima Kitamachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0001