Round 1

All-in-one entertainment center in downtown Hiroshima.


Q Hours

Monday: (09:00~Next Morning 06:00)
Tuesday~Thursday: (10:00~Next Morning 06:00)
Friday: (09:00~Next Day)
Saturday: (All Day)
Sunday: (~Next Morning 06:00)

Located right next to the Hondori Shopping Street in the downtown shopping district of Hiroshima is Round 1, an all-in-one entertainment center that includes bowling lanes, gaming floors, stick picture areas, coin games, sport play areas, karaoke, batting cages, simulation golf games, billiards, darts and more. If you are looking to go have fun with friends or even by yourself, Round 1 will have something for you. The Round 1 center quite literally has it all. You walk in through the front doors on the first floor and are greeted by large colorful crane games scattered throughout the floor and a large elevator and escalator system that can take you from floor to floor. Each floor has its own specialty and you can follow the floor maps to jump from activity to activity. You typically pay for smaller games and machines at each location but you pay for bowling, karaoke and other longer and bigger games at the game counters on each floor.

Round 1 is open on close to a 24 hours basis with the place closed usually only on weekdays between the hours of 06:00 and 10:00 in the mornings. The easiest way to access the entertainment complex is either by train to the the Hondori Station or by parking at a nearby coin parking lot. There is also free wifi throughout the building available as well as bathrooms and vending machines on each floor.