Beautiful temple grounds featuring a tall pagoda.


Q Hours

Grounds are open 24/7; Museum open 09:00~17:00

Q Price

Entry for Park and Pagoda, Museum ¥200 admission fee

Located in Yamaguchi City, Rurikoji is a Buddhist Temple home to one of the three greatest ranked and most beautiful five-storied pagodas in Japan. The pagoda is regarded as a national treasure, built in 1442 and has a beautiful mountain backdrop and garden grounds that surround the complex. The temple grounds are known as Kozan Park (Kozan Kouen). The park additionally holds a small pagoda museum which details and has small diagrams of over 50+ five-story pagodas across Japan, a temple storehouse, a bell tower, and a teahouse and the burial grounds for the Mori Family which ruled the region during the Edo period. The teahouse is famously known as the Chinryutei, the teahouse where Saigo Takamori helped to plot to overthrow the Edo Shogunate and usher in the Meiji Period.

The pagoda grounds are open all year and the park is free entry. It is located about 2.5 kilometers north of the JR Yamaguchi train station and roughly an hour southwest from Iwakuni city. There is free parking and there are also other various temples you can check out in the surrounding areas as well. The park is especially beautiful in the spring during the Cherry Blossom season and during the Momiji (Maple Tree) season in the fall.