Shoin Jinjya

A popular destination featuring rich history, museums.


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The Shrine is open always, museums close at 17:00

Shoin Jinjya is a very popular tourist destination in Yamaguchi. Yoshida Shoin was an educator during the late Edo Period, he is probably one of the most important person in modern history of Japan. He was a teacher to many revolutionist that lead the modernization in Japan (Sonno Jyoi movement), which ended the Tokugawa Shogunate. The most notable student of him was Ito Hirobumi, who was the first Prime-Minister of Japan. The original Shoin Jinjya is actually built in Tokyo, however this one in Hagi city is where the famous.

Shokason Jyuku is located.This shrine was built in 1907 by the Ito Hirobumi and his classmates dedicating to their great teacher, Yoshida Shoin and his 53 students who helped Japan to be what it is today. There are two museums in this shrine, which explains the life of Yoshida Shoin and display his remaining letters and items.