Suehiro (Downtown)

A small Japanese fine cuisine restaurant located downtown.

A small Japanese fine cuisine restaurant located downtown.

Located close to the JR Iwakuni train station, Saku is a small Japanese fine cuisine restaurant. The restaurant seats roughly 20 people with small tables in the back available for reservation while the front 10 seats are situated at a sushi bar style table. The restaurant offers a few number of meal choices ranging from Sashimi courses, to broiled and seared fish options as well as simple dishes such as Gyuudon. The set meals come with side pickled dishes, miso soup, rice, and typically a small salad. The freshness of the sashimi is enjoyable as you can watch the chef prepare your meal right in front of you on the sushi counter.

There is plenty of parking available around the restaurant at any of the coin parking lots littered around the downtown area. The restaurant is located just across from a coin parking lot, close to the 711 closest to the downtown train station.


HOURS:Sunday~Saturday: 10:30~22:30
LOCATION:〒740-0018 山口県岩国市麻里布町1丁目2 寿栄広食堂