Suehiro (Hashirano)

A small Japanese fine cuisine restaurant located downtown.

Referred to as the perennial Iwakuni soul food

Referred to as the perennial Iwakuni soul food, Suehiro is a local Ramen chain that has three shops scattered around the town. Each shop serves the traditional and locally famous Suehiro Ramen – a soy sauce-based broth style ramen that packs a punch of flavor. The shop is known for their traditionally small menu – they do one thing and they do it very well. They serve Ramen in either medium or large bowls or a “Chashuumen” which is essentially just the same ramen bowl with extra strips of pork meat. Additionally, you can order rice, rice balls, or gyoza on the side as well as extra onions or sprouts.

There is plenty of parking available around the restaurant at any of the coin parking lots littered around the downtown area. The restaurant is located just across from a coin parking lot, close to the 711 closest to the downtown train station.


HOURS:Sunday~Saturday: 10:30~22:30
LOCATION:〒741-0073 山口県岩国市柱野1688−1