Tecchan is a fast-paced tempura chain restaurant that recently opened.

Located near Nafco, Tecchan is a fast-paced tempura chain restaurant that recently opened up in Iwakuni. Known for their fresh and quick meals, the place has blown up in popularity. Upon entering, you’ll find a large ticket machine as well as both a Japanese and English menu that lists all the possible Tempura combinations available for purchase. If you don’t like Tempura, they have other combination sets such as chicken and fish that you can purchase instead. Once you purchase your meal, you’ll carry the ticket to the counter where you can hand the ticket to a staff behind the rounded table. You then just sit and wait as the meal is brought out to your plate, piece by piece as soon as it comes out of the fryer. It’s tough to find fresher Tempura than at Tecchan. The seemingly endless meal will finish when the server brings out the last piece of food and they will notify that the meal is done.

There is plenty of parking available outside the restaurant. It is located just past Nafco when heading towards the restaurant from the Monzen Gate. The ticket machine only accepts Yen and typically meals range from ¥700 to roughly ¥1000.