Tully’s Coffee

Great coffee that's a staple of Iwakuni.

Located inside Fresta Mall off of Route 2, Tully’s Coffee is a chain coffee shop that has shops around the country. Originally started in Seattle, Washington, Tully’s expanded to Japan in 1998 and recently opened up a shop in Iwakuni. The coffee menu offers a wide range of choices with a typical selection of coffee styles as well as seasonal choices similar to Starbucks. There is a “Coffee of the Day” which alters based on coffee beans chosen by the shop’s staff. Along with a variety of both hot and iced drink options, there are also small sandwiches and pastries available for purchase. The menu is offered in both English and Japanese.

The Tully’s in the Fresta Mall is co-hosted by the Futaba Bookstore next door to the coffee shop. With a large area for seating, you can easily purchase a magazine or book at the bookstore and head over to the cafe area to enjoy your read. The shop also offers free Wi-Fi for all visitors.