Located on Route 2 in close proximity to Fresta Mall, Yamabiko Ramen is a very popular ramen shop near downtown Iwakuni. Yamabiko is popular for both it’s Tonkotsu-based ramen, as well as its gyoza and delicious fried rice. Often touted as one of the best fried rice locations in Iwakuni, the shop can often sell out of its fried rice before 18:00, and thus an earlier visit may be warranted if you are seeking their tasty side. The ramen options are limited but what they lack in choice, they deliver in flavor. The Pirikara or Spicy ramen is a firm fan favorite among regulars.

Parking for Yamabiko is plentiful and if you have trouble finding spots, you can park at the Fresta Mall complex and make the short walk over to the shop. Seating inside consists of booth seats as well as seated tables. Traditionally this shop is not as busy during the nights as other ramen shops, but still is a popular choice.


  • HOURS: Sunday ~ Saturday (11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • PRICE RANGE:$ (Cash Only)
  • ADDRESS: 1-5-22 Muronokimachi, Iwakuni 740-0021, Yamaguchi Prefecture