Yamaguchi Flea Market

Busy market featuring a wide variety of wares. Near an art Museum.



First Sunday of the Month: Dawn~Noon (Best deals are found as the market opens)

Open on the first calendar Sunday of each month, the Yamaguchi Flea Market  one of the largest and oldest flea markets in the neighboring areas of Iwakuni. It is considered the biggest flea market in West Japan! Located about an hour drive southwest of Iwakuni via highway and tolls, the market is located in Kameyama park. The market opens up at the crack of dawn and vendors are there as early as possible setting up their tents and tarps for the days’ sales. It is recommended that you head out to the market earlier to ensure that you secure all the best deals of the day.

The market itself houses a wide variety of items and goods. You can find old war memorabilia, antiques, kimonos, clothing items, table/dishware and much much more. There are even local fresh produce and Japanese food vendors as well as bakery stalls. It is a huge event that houses hundreds of vendors in a single location for much commotion and opportunity. There are plenty of parking spaces however sometimes the lots closest to the market become full after the early morning so it is best to get there as soon as possible. Additionally at the market is a small children’s park that is perfect for kids when you’re busy shopping during the morning. The Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum is right next to the market as well.