Yanai Go-Kart

Enjoy a session on Go-Karts with friends and family.

A Go-Kart center located about 25-30 minutes from Iwakuni

Known as the Yanai Sports Land, a go-kart center exists about 30 minutes south of Iwakuni in the town of Yanai. The sports land offers rental go-kart options and also allows for individuals to bring in their own go-karts to drive around the course. The course is a relatively decent sized course that is perfect length for go-kart fun. You can come with friends and family and enjoy a day driving the prepared go-karts. The requirements for driving the karts are that you must be over 150cm and must be over 16 years of age or alternatively have a signed permission slip from a legal guardian.

Additionally, you must wear sneakers, long pants, a long sleeve sweatshirt, gloves and a provided helmet. The process for riding the karts is simple and easy. You will first be asked to sign a pledge and driving notification. Then an attendant will accompany you to the kart and explain the driving functions including the accelerator, brake, and other knobs and levers. You are then free to begin the course with friends. The charge is 7 laps (approx. 5 km in distance) for ¥2100, or alternatively, you can drive all-day 10:00~17:00 for ¥5500 with your own kart.


HOURS:Everyday (Closed Thursdays): 09:00~18:00
LOCATION:〒742-0201 山口県柳井市伊陸長野

Course Details :

Overall length : 720m 
Facilities:Control tower, pit, rest house, air compressor, vending machine, observation deck, parking lot(accommodates 100), and a radio control circuit.
Longest stretch : 140m
Course width : 8m~10m