Yanai Historical Town

A traditional style town located just southwest of Iwakuni

A throwback to Edo-era Japan.

Located about 30 minutes southwest of Iwakuni is the old historical town of Yanai -, it’s downtown area kept in the traditional style which is a throwback to Edo-era Japan. The main town area is known as Shirakabe street, a district lined with the old white-walled buildings and stone streets all along the walkways. What makes the old town of Yanai unique are their red and white goldfish paper lanterns that line the streets. These lanterns light up brilliantly at dusk and in the evening giving the streets a beautiful glow that is unique to this town alone in Japan.

The town itself has a variety of shops and small cafes that line the Shirakabe street. The Sagawa Shoyu-gura is a traditional soy sauce factory that exhibits how they still make their soy sauce and you can both inspect the factory as well as try some local soy sauce and even buy some to take home. The Yanai Nishigura is a cultural center where they have various workshops and exhibits across the year. The Muroya-no-sono just down the street houses various cultural treasures and the Murakami Shoten just down the street has a wide selection of sembei (rice crackers) and other traditional Japanese treats.

There are various other small shops that have wonderful small goldfish souvenirs and other items you can buy and take home with you. The Shirakabe street runs adjacent to the Yanai river which has a beautiful bank lined with Sakura trees that are also beautiful during Sakura season in the spring. Yanai is also home to the Goldfish lantern festival held every year during mid-August. To get to the downtown area, it is a short 5-minute walk from the Yanai JR train station. Alternatively you can drive to the town and park at a paid-parking stall, the trip taking about 30 minutes by car.


HOURS:Most shops are open 09:00~17:00
LOCATION:〒742-0022 山口県柳井市柳井津金屋
WEBSITE: English Guide: http://bit.ly/31vS2TB