Yoshida Shinkan

A traditional Japanese restaurant that specializes in local Iwakuni dishes.

Try traditional local Iwakuni dishes and Japanese specialities

Yoshida Shinkan is a traditional Japanese restaurant that specializes in local Iwakuni dishes. Ranging from the popular Iwakuni sushi to the locally caught Ayu (Japanese River Salmon), you can order a variety of dishes from the expansive menu. The types of set menus you can order from including the tempura set, sashimi set, Iwakuni sushi set, Ayu set, Daily special set, and hamburg set just to name a few. The daily special set (¥1200) which is offered only on weekdays includes pickled vegetables, soba, sashimi, a baked fish dish, chawamushi, rice, and hot coffee. The weekend special is essentially the same dish but at a slightly higher cost. The food is prepared fresh and you can get a taste of a wide variety of smaller dishes, a common Japanese meal style.

The restaurant itself is spacious and consists of smaller tables located around the room. The shop accepts JCB, AMEX, and DINERS card as well as cash. You can only use card for orders over ¥1500 (does not include the daily special set). The shop has a free gravel parking lot located just next to the building. If you are looking for a delicious traditional Japanese meal, we highly recommend Yoshida Shinkan.


HOURS: Sunday~Saturday: 11:00~21:00 (17:00~ Reservation only) (Closed third Wednesday of every month)
LOCATION:〒741-0062 山口県岩国市岩国2丁目18−6