Yuu Onsen

Soak in traditional Japanese hot springs!

A famous onsen located just southwest of Iwakuni

A smaller sized onsen but still pleasant, Yuu Onsen is one of Iwakuni’s older more established onsens in the area. Combining natural geothermal spring water in their baths, the Onsen is known for its traditional style baths. Offering both indoor, small outdoor pools as well as a mist sauna, the bathing stations prior to entering the onsen water comes equipped with the usual body soap and shampoo arrangements. There is also a small cold water tub available for contrast baths. Access to this onsen is simple. The parking lot is down a road located just off of Route 188. You take a right coming from the base direction just before Yuu Train Station. One of the highlights of the onsen is the location of the outdoor bath, situation just above a small river that runs into the inland sea. Do not forget to bring your own towel because the front desk charges ¥200 for towels.